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Keynote: Networking
is a Leadership Deliverable


While we can’t mandate folks to connect, leaders are held accountable to be effective relationship managers and share their networks with their teams. Business often lists “relationship management” as a deliverable within many jobs. Yet, few folks break down what this entails and are able to directly coach it. Do you know how your team approaches and hones relationships? Is it by magic? Instinct? Or careful and considerate choice?


Dennie Theodore

Named to The International Alliance of Women's 2009 roster of Women Making a Difference for work in mentoring and networking, Dennie is a communications leader, guest lecturer, change and project specialist, speaker and blogger on leadership, mentoring, networking and the 

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art of building personal community.  VP of Engagement & Communications, Dennie supports voices in every way she can. Passionate about storytelling and shared outcomes, she believes relationships are the heart of how information is transmitted/received. Dennie believes that chocolate, chips and bourbon are all food groups and pie is for breakfast. 

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