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87 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 0A8


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9th annual project management conference.

Downtown Toronto, Canada
07 November 2019

The Conference

Earn 6 PDUs and CEUs.

One Day of Powerful Talks
07 November 2019
08:30 am

Celebrate the profession of project management and the contributions that PMs make to the world in this one-day conference held annually in Toronto, Canada since 2010. Hear from some of the top experts in the field during fascinating seminar sessions and network with your peers. The nominal $25 cost helps to cover catering (lunch and snacks are included!).

Location: YWCA Toronto, 87 Elm Street, Toronto, ON, M5G 0A8



Program Management in a Matrixed Environment

Presenter: Don Wallar

Many organizations have organized themselves under the matrix model, wherein people have multiple “bosses” for different purposes: their personal manager, a business unit lead, a project or initiative manager, a quality assurance manager, etc. With potentially conflicting directives, how does one manage a large, complex program within this environment? Join Don Wallar in this interactive session as he discusses a practical approach to establishing and managing project teams in the various types of matrix environments and how enterprise project management software tools help solve some common matrix environment issues.

Organizational Agility: Using Project Teams as a Lever for Cultural Change
Presenter: Carolynne Fletcher-Wintrip

In an environment of continuous and disruptive change, people and organizations need to be more flexible and quick to adapt – in other words, “agile.”  In most cases, this requires a shift in culture requiring change at both the individual and team levels.  This shift towards organizational agility makes organizations more resilient, improving performance in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous marketplace .  Learn what organizational agility is and how project teams can help establish this through broader cultural transformation.

If a Project is a Project, Why are Construction & IT Projects so Different?
Presenter: Michael Lemiski

Understanding the factors that differentiate project types can help prepare a project manager for success, even in unfamiliar territory.  To illustrate this concept, this presentation will examine two project types (construction and IT projects) to identify some significant differences and a few similarities and how they result in different project management challenges.  Presenter Michael Lemiski shares tips and techniques he has used to manage these challenges over many different types of projects.

Variations on a PMO

Presenter: Sylvie Edwards

It is clear to see, if you go from one organization to another, that not all Project Management Offices (PMO) are created equally. There is a cookie-cutter template for the establishment of a PMO. Every PMO is unique because it serves the unique needs of your organization. It needs to be perfectly tailored to support your strategies and your staff. Through the course of this presentation we will review what elements make a PMO, some of the naming conventions that exist, and we will discuss structure and maturity of the PMO entity. PMOs are not a new concept to project management but they have become more and more crucial to project management success as the need for better ways to consolidate and look at projects over organizations change. Most organizations consistently run more than 100 projects a year, and the PMO has become the key to getting these projects successfully off the ground in shorter periods of time.

The Next Evolution of Project Management: Sustainability

Presenter: Peter Milsom

Though not generally well understood and appreciated in the Americas, in Europe and Asia-
Pacific sustainability is a key social, business and government focus. With 30% - 40% of the world’s GDP spent on projects, Canadians are leaving money on the table by not understanding what sustainability is and how it can be used to reduce project risks and costs and maximize the asset’s lifecycle benefits. This presentation will provide a summary of sustainability and how projects can incorporate leading practices into their change initiatives for greater stakeholder benefits.



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